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Playmysong Scores Angel Funding; Launches in NYC

Playmysong Scores Angel Funding; Launches in NYC

The “foursquare” of music apps arrives in America

New York (-January, 18 2012-) Playmysong announced today it has closed an angel round and launched in NYC. Armed with fresh funding, and a new app in the App Store, Playmysong 1.1 is packed with features that enable users to take control of the music in their surroundings.

Using Playmysong’s app on iOS or from the web, users can remotely play their favorite songs and DJ the music around them while simultaneously posting a check-in update on Facebook and Twitter, similar to the foursquare service, adding a crucial social function discarded by the traditional jukebox relic of days gone by.

“Playmysong’s app creates the social soundtrack to our lives,” said Rami Korhonen, co-founder and CEO of Playmysong, Ltd. “With all the personalization the web affords, no one should be subjected to random, bad elevator music when they can use Playmysong to scan playlists from clubs, cafes, bars, and any other venue, before heading out for a night of fun, or choose the upcoming songs right from their mobile device.”
Playmysong 1.1 features include:

• New home screen – When opening the app, you can instantly open the Remote mode to play songs in nearby Stereos or the Stereo mode to launch your own social jukebox.
• iTunes Playlists – You can now use your existing iTunes playlists in your Playmysong Stereo. Managing what music you have in your Stereo has never been easier.
• Multi-Tasking – You can now use Playmysong Stereo and Remote on the background while you browse the web, read emails, do sports, etc.
• User Images and Shout Outs – Facebook-connected users now have their Facebook profile pictures as their Playmysong profile pictures. You can also add shout outs while playing songs.

“Ultimately, our goal is to have a world full of places where people can have the option to hear music they like together in a social setting while having the power to choose upcoming songs in the playlist with the ubiquitous mobile phones that are increasingly an integral part of our lives,” added Korhonen.

The angel round was led by Lifeline Ventures, which is a Helsinki-based accelerator focused on disruptive start-ups from the web and game sectors. The young company is spreading rapidly and cementing deals with the most popular venues across the US.

Want to partner with Playmysong?

From retailers to restaurants, bars and cafes, anywhere music is an important part of the atmosphere, Playmysong is a powerful new tool to make your visitors have a more engaging experience and to enjoy your services longer. Not only can people remotely choose the songs they want to hear from your venue’s playlist, but they can also share where they are at and what they play to their friends on Facebook and Twitter. In other words, your music loving customers become your marketers across social networks – for free.

The basic service is free and a Pro Stereo is available to check out here:


About Playmysong

Playmysong has reinvented the jukebox for the smartphone era. It’s a free app and web service that allows users to both play songs in social jukeboxes and to host their own social jukebox experience in a matter of seconds. Playmysong’s business model is based on selling premium services for participating venues and brands. Founded in Finland in 2011, the company launched its operations in the USA in January 2012.

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Here We Come 2012!

As 2011 is coming to an end, we thought we’d share some numbers from this year:

– In 2011 Playmysong users have selected over 16 000 songs from Playmysong Stereos – both in public venues and private occasions.
– 10 new venues used Playmysong in 2011, including Idle Hands Bar (NYC), The Roxy Theatre (LA) and Bar Chaplin (Helsinki).
– Playmysong was launched in Bar Chaplin in June 2011. Since then 531 different users have played songs there and users have posted info on the song they are playing to Facebook for 435 times. Assuming that one user has 200 friends, Bar Chaplin has got 87 000 free Facebook friend-to-friend ads via Playmysong in 2011.
– On Playmysong Night in Idle Hands Bar on Monday 28th of November, 21 guests played a song in the venue, 101 songs were played by venue guests and 54 Facebook posts were made. This means that over 5 hours of the evenings music was selected by Playmysong users.

Other highlights of 2011 include spending two months in New York to get feedback for our service from many local venues. We got a lot of interest for Playmysong and in January we go back to get many new active venues in New York. We have also noticed that in the US the venue music systems are often different from the ones in Finland and we are working on solutions to turn this to our benefit.

Obviously our goal is to get Playmysong to be used in thousands of places, so we are very much in the beginning of our adventure. We start 2012 armed with our new iOS app, the forthcoming Android app coming out in January and some really cool 3rd party integrations to be announced soon!

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New York Invents New Uses for Playmysong!

Me and Timo, the Playmsong co-founders, have been in NYC now since the end of October. Ever since we introduced Playmysong to a wider audience last spring, our goal has been to bring our vision and service to the US market. Thanks to the seed funding we closed in September, we have been able start rolling out our plan here.

Since arriving, we have launched the new version of our app, piloted the service in cool venues, conducted a market research street-team campaign with NYU students and most importantly learned a lot from the local culture. In this blog post I’d like to share some cool new Playmysong use cases we have encountered here…

1. Say “Hi!” to your bartender

During the second Playmysong Night at Idle Hands Bar in East Village, the venue owner Marc told me to “Check this out”. Marc’s friend, who was at home, had seen his Facebook post: “Marc just played Her Side of Sundown by Chamberlain at IdleHandsBar” and clicked the Playmysong link under the post. This was the first time Marc’s friend had heard about Playmysong. In a few minutes he had picked a song that Marc likes, played it at Idle Hands Bar and sent a text message to Marc: “Sorry I can’t be there tonight, but here’s a song for you!”. This of course made Marc’s day (and ours as well:-)

2. Tell your girlfriend to come home 

When the Playmysong Monday at Idle Hands Bar was approaching midnight, our friend Laura got a song played by his boyfriend at home with the accompanying shout-out: “Time to come home, baby”. ‘Nuff said:-)

3. Late night working session

New York is big on co-working spaces and we love working here at New Work City. On Tuesday nights the good people at New Work City have late night working sessions under the title “NightOurs”. On one of these nights we added extra flavor to this merry labour camp by allowing the working class heroes to choose the songs via Playmysong. Perfect social soundtrack for creating some start-up magic!

4. On The Move

After I got my new 4S, it’s been great to stroll around the city listening to my Playmysong Stereo and getting an occasional song played by my friends here. Now we are just waiting for the first person to run the marathon while their friends play songs in his Stereo to make him run faster…

5. Sunday night football party

One of our street team members, David, was watching Sunday night football with his friends and he told them about Playmysong. They hooked up Dave’s iPad to the sound system and soon everyone was choosing songs from the comfort of the couch with their own mobile phones and loving it.

This week will release some new cool features, including Playmysong Pins – our virtual rewards for active Playmysong users. Would you like to show the world that you are a true fan of Green Day? Then just play Green Day enough times in Playmysong Stereos and you start unlocking cool Fan Pins. The same logic applies also to Playmysong locations and one day you may be able to get some real-life rewards for being a loyal visitor, and an active Playmysong DJ, of your favorite venues.

Stay tuned for more cool news coming up soon!





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Open Position: Mobile Application Developer for Playmysong

Playmysong turns your mobile phone into a free remote control for music in bars, stores, cafés and parties. We believe that the era of random music is coming to an end and in the future we all together decide the soundtrack of our days and nights. We are a passionate small team obsessed with making Playmysong the best service in its class.

Now an opportunity has opened for a mobile application developer to join our mission. You’ll be working with an experienced team of mobile internet professionals with a strong passion in music. You are always looking to learn new skills and to push the boundaries of what you can do. You should obsess about user experience and pay attention to smallest details. As a member of our team you would work on making Playmysong better by creating new features, improving performance and enhancing the user experience.

We would prefer to have you working in our Helsinki office, but if you are exceptionally qualified, then we might consider remote options as well. Here’s what we are looking for:

– Great software development skills proven by fantastic work projects or cool academic/hobby projects.
– Over 4 years of software development experience in professional, academic or hobby projects.
– At least 1 year of iOS and/or Android development experience and at least one app in the App Store or Android Market.
– Experience in Objective-C (iOS), Java (Android), Rails and scripting languages (PHP, Python or similar).
– A good team worker with strong initiative, enthusiasm and self-motivation.

In a small company such as ours, your work will have a direct impact on our success. Should you join Playmysong, you would get to innovate together in an enthusiastic team and to implement new ideas on almost daily basis. We are on a mission to change the way we hear music and, if you meet our requirements, we would be stoked to have you on board!

You can send applications and links to references for our Co-Founder and CTO Timo Kari. He can be contacted at or by calling him at +358 50 568 5915.

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Playmysong 1st Year Top 100 Songs!


This month we are celebrating the first full year of Playmysong in live action in venues, parties, offices and people’s homes. We thought it would be fun to see what were the most requested songs in the past 12 months. So here, goes… The first official Playmysong Top 100 Chart! (Oh, and we did remove all the requests from Playmysong team members, so this chart represents real users in real locations:-)

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New Team Member, Popkomm and Playmysong Festival


We have been working hard in our new office for two weeks and pretty soon we will release some awesome new features for our service. Here’s a short update on what’s going on with Playmysong…

Welcoming Forrest to Playmysong Team

Our new team member Forrest joined Playmysong as a developer two weeks ago and has been working on some very cool game dynamics stuff for our service. We welcome Forrest to join our mission in turning every mobile phone into a remote control for music!

Playmysong at Popkomm

Next week the Playmysong founders will be heading to Berlin to attend Popkomm 2011. We look forward to meeting many cool people and companies there. To set up a meeting with us, please call CEO Rami Korhonen at +358407307813 or email him at We will also have something very cool to announce at Popkomm, so stay tuned.

Playmysong Festival 16th-17th September

Playmysong will celebrate it’s first year in action with a rocking two-day party on 16-17th of September. Be sure to drop by to enjoy cool bands, cold beer, awesome prizes and great music selected by You.

Friday 16th / Doors 22.00 / Tickets 5 EUR
23.00 Damian Cullen Band
00.00 Suicide Love Boat
01.00 Hellcity Punks SINGLE RELEASE GIG

Saturday 17th / Doors 21.00 / Tickets 5 EUR

22.00 70 vierailijaa
22.45 Vans Skateboard Demo
23.30 Stonetone
00.15 Fumble
01.00 Clark Kent

Playmysong Festival 2011 is brought to You in partnership with Vans and Ultimate Ears!

Here’s the link to the Facebook event:
You can also win some cool headphones by entering this comp:

We hope to see you in Berlin or Helsinki in the coming weeks!


Rami, Timo, Forrest & Paavo
Playmysong Team

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