New Features Launched & New App Coming Soon


Today we are stoked to announce some exciting new features in Playmysong:

1. Autoplay in Free Accounts

Autoplay is now included in all Playmysong accounts. In other words, once you have synced music with your location, all you need to do is press play on top right corner. Playmysong Stereo will then play songs in random order until a user request is made or until the player is paused.

This means that Playmysong can now be used in any venue, home or party in the world for free. So go ahead, hook your iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone to your speakers and start the party!

(If you have not downloaded the Playmysong Stereo app yet for your iOS device, you can find it from the app store with the keyword: Playmysong)

2. “Tell Friends” With Facebook & Twitter

Whenever you play a song, you can share the moment with your friends with Facebook & Twitter! To try this out, first pair your social media accounts in our website at the Edit your information section.

You can then activate the Facebook and/or Twitter posts feature. After this, whenever you play a song you can choose to post it automatically to your Facebook wall and/or your Twitter feed!

3. New App Coming Soon

Timo has been hard at work on our new App, which will feature both Playmysong Remote and Playmysong Stereo in one handy application. This means that as an iOS device user you don’t have to visit our mobile site to play songs at Playmsong locations and venues. You just simply open the app, choose your location from nearby venues, select your song and press play. Android version is also in the pipeline and will be out soon.

That’s it for now. Let’s change the way we hear music!


Rami & Timo

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