New York Invents New Uses for Playmysong!

Me and Timo, the Playmsong co-founders, have been in NYC now since the end of October. Ever since we introduced Playmysong to a wider audience last spring, our goal has been to bring our vision and service to the US market. Thanks to the seed funding we closed in September, we have been able start rolling out our plan here.

Since arriving, we have launched the new version of our app, piloted the service in cool venues, conducted a market research street-team campaign with NYU students and most importantly learned a lot from the local culture. In this blog post I’d like to share some cool new Playmysong use cases we have encountered here…

1. Say “Hi!” to your bartender

During the second Playmysong Night at Idle Hands Bar in East Village, the venue owner Marc told me to “Check this out”. Marc’s friend, who was at home, had seen his Facebook post: “Marc just played Her Side of Sundown by Chamberlain at IdleHandsBar” and clicked the Playmysong link under the post. This was the first time Marc’s friend had heard about Playmysong. In a few minutes he had picked a song that Marc likes, played it at Idle Hands Bar and sent a text message to Marc: “Sorry I can’t be there tonight, but here’s a song for you!”. This of course made Marc’s day (and ours as well:-)

2. Tell your girlfriend to come home 

When the Playmysong Monday at Idle Hands Bar was approaching midnight, our friend Laura got a song played by his boyfriend at home with the accompanying shout-out: “Time to come home, baby”. ‘Nuff said:-)

3. Late night working session

New York is big on co-working spaces and we love working here at New Work City. On Tuesday nights the good people at New Work City have late night working sessions under the title “NightOurs”. On one of these nights we added extra flavor to this merry labour camp by allowing the working class heroes to choose the songs via Playmysong. Perfect social soundtrack for creating some start-up magic!

4. On The Move

After I got my new 4S, it’s been great to stroll around the city listening to my Playmysong Stereo and getting an occasional song played by my friends here. Now we are just waiting for the first person to run the marathon while their friends play songs in his Stereo to make him run faster…

5. Sunday night football party

One of our street team members, David, was watching Sunday night football with his friends and he told them about Playmysong. They hooked up Dave’s iPad to the sound system and soon everyone was choosing songs from the comfort of the couch with their own mobile phones and loving it.

This week will release some new cool features, including Playmysong Pins – our virtual rewards for active Playmysong users. Would you like to show the world that you are a true fan of Green Day? Then just play Green Day enough times in Playmysong Stereos and you start unlocking cool Fan Pins. The same logic applies also to Playmysong locations and one day you may be able to get some real-life rewards for being a loyal visitor, and an active Playmysong DJ, of your favorite venues.

Stay tuned for more cool news coming up soon!





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