Here We Come 2012!

As 2011 is coming to an end, we thought we’d share some numbers from this year:

– In 2011 Playmysong users have selected over 16 000 songs from Playmysong Stereos – both in public venues and private occasions.
– 10 new venues used Playmysong in 2011, including Idle Hands Bar (NYC), The Roxy Theatre (LA) and Bar Chaplin (Helsinki).
– Playmysong was launched in Bar Chaplin in June 2011. Since then 531 different users have played songs there and users have posted info on the song they are playing to Facebook for 435 times. Assuming that one user has 200 friends, Bar Chaplin has got 87 000 free Facebook friend-to-friend ads via Playmysong in 2011.
– On Playmysong Night in Idle Hands Bar on Monday 28th of November, 21 guests played a song in the venue, 101 songs were played by venue guests and 54 Facebook posts were made. This means that over 5 hours of the evenings music was selected by Playmysong users.

Other highlights of 2011 include spending two months in New York to get feedback for our service from many local venues. We got a lot of interest for Playmysong and in January we go back to get many new active venues in New York. We have also noticed that in the US the venue music systems are often different from the ones in Finland and we are working on solutions to turn this to our benefit.

Obviously our goal is to get Playmysong to be used in thousands of places, so we are very much in the beginning of our adventure. We start 2012 armed with our new iOS app, the forthcoming Android app coming out in January and some really cool 3rd party integrations to be announced soon!

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