Playmysong turns every mobile phone into a remote control for music in bars, cafés, stores and parties. Venues offer Playmysong with our free iOS app.

Simply visit m.playmysong.com with your phone’s browser, check what music is available in your location, select your favorite song and press play – it’s free!

When you play a song in a Playmysong venue, you can also automatically tell your Facebook and Twitter friends. They will then know in which bar you are and what music you are enjoying right now. You can also see who’s playing what music and where in your city via Wikitude’s augmented reality browser.

Bars, cafés, parties and stores can offer Playmysong instantly with our free iOS app. The venue creates a Playmysong location, syncs the metadata of its music library with our app and connects the device to their sound system. All that is needed is a wireless internet connection and some music in the device’s library. Set-up takes a few minutes.

Basic version is free to use and pro users may purchase the premium Venue Subscription, which brings prioritized visibility and adds the automated playlists feature.

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